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The fifteen tracks carefully selected here come from popular music pieces owned by Sony Music (including BMG sound sources). Ten of these wonderful pieces are on the first SA-CD of this project, and these particular tracks by the world famous artists “The Alan Parsons Project”, “Boz Scaggs”, “Roger Waters”, “Karla Bonoff” and “Sarah McLachlan” are a world exclusive, on SA-CD only in this series.

Mr. Fu’s project with this series had a specific objective, not only to produce a collection of excellently recorded pieces, but also ones he truly values and listens to himself. As you can imagine, there were some hard choices regarding selections that were left out. This part of the process alone took Mr. Fu more than six months. That was a lot of listening time, and a comprehensive workout of his extensive personal disc collection. In the attached liner notes, he has written extensively regarding his philosophy in producing this CD, his reasons for the selection of each piece, and many interesting observations.

Of course, not only the selection of key tracks was considered, but also the sound quality was paramount. For pieces converted to SA-CD, the original DSD data was used. Pieces not sourced this way were sourced from the earliest and best possible master tapes that could be acquired, to covert to DSD data. When the sound sources were chosen as optimal after extended trial listening, the masters used to cut the LPs in Japan were selected. One of them is an Ann Burton recording, highly regarded as a reference recording by the late Mr. Fuyuki Segawa. Among the works included here, Ann Burton’s piece has the oldest recording date (1969). The most recent one is a Beatles number performed by Jake Shimabukuro, a ukulele player, together with Cyndi Lauper in 2009. Unusually, the conversion to DSD of this Shimabukuro piece was permitted not from the master tape for CD, but from the track-down master tape.

This disc is SA-CD, so we can be assured of the highest sound quality. This is in part because the SA-CD layer does not include multi-channel sound, so the DSD signal is not compressed. This also means that listeners who do not have a SA-CD player can play it on a standard CD player, because it is a hybrid with a dual structure. The “Onsho” higher sound quality specification label coating creates a further enhanced sound quality, using special green ink. The effect is present in both the SA-CD layer and the CD layer. The overall finish is excellent, and audiophiles will really enjoy owning this new selection, even if they own the original discs: This disc should not be missed.

This disc is the work of Mr. Nobuyuki Fu, who threw his whole soul into it: Collecting wonderful music that has also been recorded and preserved with the best sound quality. The lofty goals of this project will have been achieved if as many people as possible are able to enjoy listening to this disc.

傅 信幸氏選曲・構成のリファレンスSA-CDがいよいよ登場!
ステレオサウンドのリファレンス・レコードSA-CDシリーズに、傅信幸氏選曲・構成による待望のポピュラー篇『Nobu’s Popular Selection』が加わります。


選曲・構成 傅 信幸







1.狼星(シリウス)/ザ・アラン・パーソンズ・プロジェクト ★
Sirius - The Alan Parsons Project

2.アイ・イン・ザ・スカイ/ザ・アラン・パーソンズ・プロジェクト ★
Eye In The Sky - The Alan Parsons Project

3.ジョジョ/ボズ・スキャッグス ★
Jojo - Boz Scaggs
Rosanna - TOTO

5.レッツ・グルーヴ/アース、ウインド&ファイアー ★
Let's Groove - Earth, Wind & Fire

6.5:06AM ストレンジャーの瞳/ロジャー・ウォーターズ ★
5:06AM (Every Strangers Eyes) - Roger Waters

Stardust - Willie Nelson

8.宵のひととき/アン・バートン ★
A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening - Ann Burton

9.ウォーク・アウェイ/カーラ・ボノフ ★
Just Walk Away - Karla Bonoff

10.ダーティ・リトル・シークレット/サラ・マクラクラン ★
Dirty Little Secret - Sarah McLachlan

11.アクロス・ザ・ユニバース/ジェイク・シマブクロ&シンディ・ローパー ★
Across The Universe -  Jake Shimabukuro & Cyndi Lauper

12.ジッターブギー/マイケル・ヘッジス ★
Jitterboogie - Michael Hedges

Tsukino Niwa - Toshiaki Matsumoto

Gabriel's Oboe - Yo-Yo Ma

The Falls - Yo-Yo Ma




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